Friday, January 26, 2018

Make geometric, puzzle shapes using pattern blocks...

       This game is a little bit more difficult than the last. Have an adult read the directions aloud or if you can read, read them to yourself and follow the instructions. 
       Then, select tiles that are the same as those shown in each photograph and by manipulating their color, number and placement you can make more difficult shapes. 
       To concentrate on only one photograph at a time, simple click directly on each image to see that selection with a black background.
Puzzle One.
Using six trapezoids and one hexagon, shape a much larger hexagon.
Puzzle Two.
Form a large blue star shape using six smaller rhombuses/diamond tiles.
Puzzle Three.
Assemble three trapezoids, five triangles and
one rhombus to make a larger triangle.
Puzzle Four.
Make a large green triangle from nine smaller green triangles.
 Puzzle Five.
Make a large triangle using three small triangles
 and six, blue rhombuses.
Puzzle Six.
Assemble a twelve pointed star using
twelve white rhombuses.
 Puzzle Seven.
Use one yellow hexagon, one red trapezoid, three green triangles,
and two blue rhombuses to make one large triangle.
 Puzzle Eight.
Assemble a large hexagon using six small triangles.
 Puzzle Nine.
Use three red trapezoids, three green triangles and
two blue rhombuses to make a large triangle.
Puzzle Ten.
Shape the center of a larger hexagon using three blue rhombuses
and the outer sides of this hexagon with red trapezoids.
Puzzle Eleven.
Use a rhombus, a triangle and a trapezoid to make the center
of a flower including six, yellow hexagon petals.
Puzzle Twelve.
Use the shapes above: two trapezoids, two triangles and
two rhombuses to make one large trapezoid.

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