Friday, January 26, 2018

Make larger shapes from smaller pattern blocks...

       Here is a simple game for you to play with your Pattern blocks. Select tiles that are the same as those shown in each photograph. Then have an adult read the directions aloud or if you can read, read them to yourself and follow the instructions.
       To concentrate on only one photograph at a time, simple click directly on each image and students may view that selection with a black background.

1. Make one larger square from four small square tiles.
2. Make a trapezoid using two green triangles
and one yellow hexagon.
3. Using three green triangles and one yellow
hexagon, make one large triangle.
4. Shape a larger green rhombus using two
 smaller green triangles.
5. Make one large trapezoid with one green
triangle and one blue rhombus.
6. Shape a larger orange rectangle by putting
two smaller orange squares together.
7. Using four blue rhombuses, make one large rhombus.
8. Use four small, green triangles to make
one larger, green triangle.
9. Use two rhombuses/diamonds and two
small triangles to make one large hexagon.
10. Use a trapezoid plus one triangle in
order to shape a larger triangle.
11. Make one large trapezoid using three smaller triangles.
12. Make one larger rhombus from four
smaller white rhombuses.
13. Use two small, red trapezoids to make
one larger red hexagon.

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