Sunday, January 7, 2018

Mother's Day Index

Mother's Day cards most often
depicted white carnations, during
the earlier half of the 20th

       Mother's Day is a day set apart in the United States to honor mothers. The second Sunday in May has been thus selected, and the day is observed generally in churches by special sermons or other exercises. Miss Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia was the first to suggest the idea of observing Mother's Day, on which everyone pas tribute to the best mother in the world -- his or her own. 
       Over one hundred years ago the wearing of white carnations on Mother's Day was the most popular tradition aside from attending church. Today Americans take their mother's out for a meal in a local restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner, most usually after attending a church service, if they are inclined to religious observance. Read more...

Artifacts for Mother's Day:
Celebration of Mothers Everywhere:
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