Monday, January 29, 2018

Our Family Memories Hang On a Valentine Tree

This pretty, pink, tabletop tree is usually found somewhere in my home during the month of February.
 Valentine's Day has always been a sweet, nostalgic holiday because of the enthusiasm our
two girls have for it.
       Above you can see our family's pink tree decorated with all kinds of handcrafted Valentines, hearts, and paper garlands. I will serve a Valentine's Day dinner with chocolate deserts and pink sugar cookies as usual and exchange love tokens with family members that same evening. Every year at least one person spends a bit of time writing some special letters, rhymes or verse to every person that will attend our dinner. No one person is ever left out of the celebration and you definitely needn't have a "love interest" to be given gifts during this holiday in our family!
       Just right, you can see a variety of Valentine ornaments that my children have collected over the years. Scraps of paper lace hearts, stickers of cherubim, pink and red glass birds, vintage greeting cards and ornaments crafted to look like sweet treats all hang from the bubble-gum pink tree branches. Old lace table linens are used to wrap the bottom of the tree's trunk and an old-fashioned Valentine mail box, from school days long ago, is nestled under the tree waiting to be filled with secret notes and charming love tokens.

Below are just a few traditions our family participates in on Saint Valentine's Day:
  • exchange letters and cards 
  • give small boxes of candy
  • talk about the qualities we appreciate in our family members
  • we spend time together watching films about love and romance
  • we often dine together either at home or in a restaurant on Valentine's Day
  • play board games together
  • craft cards/gifts for friends and extended family members
  • bake special deserts for each other 
More Ideas for Sharing Valentine's Day With Family And Children:

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