Tuesday, February 6, 2018

A Funny Valentine

A Funny Valentine
by Frank H. Sweet

Did you ever find a valentine
Beside you in your bed
When you heard your papa saying:
"Wake up, my sleepy head!
Wake up, wake up! Your eyes will
To see your funny valentine?"

Did you ever have a valentine, 
All soft and warm and sweet,
With a little rolly poly head
And mites of hand and feet,
Wrapped up in a flannel, oh, so tight,
And 'fraid of one wee bit of light?

Did you ever have a valentine
(My sakes, I want to laugh!)
So heavy that they said it weighed
Just nine pounds and a half,
Without a tooth to bite its bread
Nor any hair upon its head?

I had one just this morning,
And 'twas such a sweet surprise
To hear my papa saying,
"Wake up, dear sleepy eyes!"
That funny little valentine
Is mamma's baby- yours and mine!

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