Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A Tea Party

A Tea Party

Sometimes I get so awful cross,
When it's a rainy day,
And not a thing I want to do,
And nothing I can play.

But soon there cames a gentle rap,
Right by me on the wall;
And Grandma says, "How do you do?
I thought I'd come to call.

How are you, Mrs. Wilson, now?
Are all the children well?
This is a welcome rain we have.
And breaks a long dry spell."

And then I offer her a chair.
With just my nicest smile;
And say, "I'm glad to see you, ma'am,
I hope you'll stay awhile."

And Grandma laughs, "Ah-ha ! I guessed
That I would welcome be;
If this is not too broad a hint,
I thought I'd stay for tea."

And then we have the mostest fun,
And not a thing to eat;
But Grandma plays the game so well,
You'd think we had a treat.

She says: "These rolls are very fine,
Why, yes, I'll take some jell.
Fried chicken! and so nice and brown,
'Twill suit me more than well.

And cake! I never knew before
How light a cake could be!"
And "Thank you, yes ma'am, if you please
Another cup of tea."

And then she says: "Why bless my heart,
If there is not the sun!
I've had a lovely time, my dear,
And now I home must run."

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