Tuesday, February 13, 2018

An Elizabethan Valentine

An Elizabethan Valentine
In an old Album dated 1583

When Slumber first undoudes my brain,
And thoughte is free
And Sense refreshed renews her reigne,
I thinke of Thee.

When next in prayer to God above
I bende my knee,
Then when I pray for those I love,
I pray for Thee.

And when the duties of the day
Demande of mee
To rise and journey on life's way,
I work for Thee.

Or if perchance I sing some lay,
All that the idle verses say,
They say of Thee.

For if an eye whose liquid lighte
Gleams like the sea,
They sing, or tresses browne and brighte, 
They sing of Thee.

And if a wearie mood, or sad,
Possesses mee,
One thought can all times make mee glad, 
The thoughte of Thee.

And when once more upon my bed,
Full wearily,
In sweet repose I lay my head,
I dream of Thee.

In short, one only wish I have
To live for Thee;
Or gladly if one pang 't would save
I 'd die for Thee.

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