Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Grandma's Aprons

Grandma's Aprons

Of mornings, till her work is clone,
She wears a great big gingham one.
It covers her from waist to shoe,
And if she ever had to do
Without it, 'xpect she'd sigh and say,
"I really cannot work to-day."

But after-noons, when work is done,
She wears a nice white starchy one,
With cunning little bows in place,
Or maybe it's all trimmed in lace.
She looks so sweet in this, I say,
"My ! but you're all fixed up to-day."

I wonder, when I look at her,
Which of the aprons I prefer.
The white one is so nice and neat.
The gingham means good things to eat.
But ask me, and I'd likely say,
"I love her most dressed either way."

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