Sunday, February 25, 2018

Grandma's Errands


My Grandma Gray is very old,
And when she sews I'm apt to hear,
"I find I can't my needle thread,
Come be my eyes, my dear."
Or if she tries to go up stairs,
She'll likely say, " 'Tis very plain
That I will have to have some aid,
My dear, just come and be my cane."

Or if she needs an errand done,
She'll say, "It is too far, I fear.
I could not make it there at all,
Go be my feet, my dear."
I like sometimes to comb her hair;
She likes it, too, 'tis very clear,
For mornings, 'fore she dons her cap,
She'll call, "Come be my hands, my dear.'

My Mamma says such kindly deeds
Are far the best way I could show
To Grandma, so she'd understand
Her Grandchild loves her so.
And Grandma is so nice to me,
I could not bear to give her pain,
So that is why I gladly run
To be her eyes, her hands, her cane.

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