Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Grandma's Stories

Grandma's Stories

At evening by the fire-light
We gather 'round her knee.
There's John and Sam and Jennie.
And 'course there's always me.
She tells the finest stories
A body ever heard.
We sit so interested
And never say a word!

There's one about Queen Esther
Of course that Jennie likes.
While John's and Sammle's fancy
The "Lions' Den" just strikes.
But I - I pick young David
Pastin' G'liath with a sling.
How could he kill a giunt
With such a little thing?

Mother tells us dainty tales
'Bout fairies and all such.
Daddy tells us hunting ones;
We like them very much.
But Grandma's kind of stories.
Why,, they help us to be good.
So always we prefer them,
And don't you think we should?

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