Wednesday, February 14, 2018

May's Valentine


"It's up we'll get!"
Cried Nurse Jeannette,
"To feel the sun a- warming.
St. Valentine
Will feast and dine,
And bring you something charming.'
Then dressed they fast
In ruffles vast
This best of little creatures
But at the pane
She watched in vain,
And ah, the sorry features!

His laughter done,
The sober sun
Behind a cloud went straying.
A heavy snow
Began to blow;
The boys ran in from playing.
"Twill be here yet,"
Said Nurse Jeannette,
"Perhaps at noon, my deary,"
The postman passed,
In snow and blast,
And May's blue eyes were teary.
"It's dark and wet,"
Said Nurse Jeannette,
" St. Valentine is groping;
So May, my dear,
Wipe off that tear,
And don't you give up hoping!"

When twilight came,
The little dame
Still peeped from out the curtain.
The sleet came pelt!
She was, she felt,
Forgotten now, for certain.
But candleshine
Brought Valentine -
A valentine so rosy!
Nor dreamed the miss
T would look like this,
Surpassing song or posy.
She jumped for joy:
A baby boy
Lay blinking up to greet her.
A brother! May,
You darling, say
What valentine were sweeter ?

Agnes Lee.

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