Tuesday, February 27, 2018

When Grandma Sews

When Grandma Sews

My Grandma sews so very well;
She makes her stitches small and straight.
While mine look most like
(But then,, of course, I'm
only eight).

My Grandma's thread don't crinkle up;
It's always smooth and nice like this-----------
She often has to help
with mine,
But makes me pay
her with a kiss.

My Grandma keeps her
pretty box
So neat it's ever a de-
While things in mine get
tossed about
Until it is a perfect

My Grandma sews with glasses on;
I manage well enough without.
If seeing were the whole of it,
I'd learn to sew with ease, no doubt.

When Grandma sews her
patch-work blocks,
She fits her pieces neat
and true,

But let me try howe'er so
This is the best that I
can do.

But Grandma pats me on the cheek,
And tries to cheer me all she can,
And says, "My dear, how well you sew
I'm really proud of little Nan."

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