Friday, March 2, 2018

Fireman's or woman's badge for playtime.

         Below are fireman's badges that teachers and parents may print, cut and laminate in order to give away to young children for play time after they have been visited by the local fire department. You can adhere special safety pins to the back side of the badges. I found a large pack at Amazon for little ones here. You could probably find them in your local craft store as well if you prefer.
        Individual graphics are included for parents who only need one or two. Four graphics are included on one sheet of badges for easier printing in the classroom. Enjoy!
       Fire Departments feel free to pass out these crafted fireman's badges too, if you would like. They are free from kathy grimm!
A fireman's badge including an "engine house" number.
A fireman's badge including an eagle.
A fireman's badge with a blank ribbon for teachers who wish to include a name.
A fireman's badge including the symbolic tools of the trade.
All four fireman's badges on one png. for those who need to print multiple quantities.

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