Friday, March 29, 2013

100 Little Paper Villages: Mega List

      I've included a listing here of those paper houses, cities or village ideas experimented with and created by a wide variety of artists. Get inspired here. There are endless possibilities when designing your own paper village.

More Links To Little Paper Villages Everywhere:
  1. Paper villages for Christmas trees
  2. It takes a village:: of letterpress paper houses!
  3. Winter Paper Village
  4. Glitter Houses from Wyldhare's Hollow
  5. Crystal Cities by Rob Dunlavey
  6. With Papierowe Miasto Kids Can Make Entire Towns from Recycled Paper
  7. Paper Villages from 1920's
  8. Moldy Miniature Homes Left to Decay
  9. Assemblage Houses
  10. Harvest House Templates
  11. Print a Paper House from Enchanted Learning
  12. Native American paper dwellings for teachers and students
  13. A haunted mansion by Cindy Tobey
  14. complex paper homes
  15. house and home: paper houses
  16. bird houses by Tamar Mogendorff
  17. Round house village by even cleveland
  18. A Paper Craft Castle On the Ocean
  19. Town House Gift Boxes
  20. Winter-Time Paper House Freebie
  21. Little Church from Cut-Out Town
  22. Paper houses from the pages of a book
  23. village: accordion folded
  24. paper houses from mighty mag
  25. "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" 
  26. Cottage Town: Potted Plants Turned Into a Mini Village!
  27. Free Small House Favor Box Template
  28. Paper gingerbread homes and vehicles by "Pan di Stelle"
  29. Bird house treat box
  30. paper house for the birds
  31. A Haunted House from Cathe Holden
  32. Tutorial: Glitter House
  33. Tiny paper doll houses from "Non Dairy Diary" here and here and here and here
  34. The Toy Maker's Habitat for Humanity House
  35. Bath Paper Houses
  36. House ornament from Cosmo Cricket 
  37. Mathilde Nivet's Dream City 
  38. Lee Publishing has both a black and white paper house version and a color paper house version
  39. DIY advent house
  40. Wonderful paper city by joel! 
  41. Little house from Cut-Out Town
  42. paper model village
  43. DLTK 3D house templates
  44. A fantastic paper Advent village by Marion Tasle'
  45. How to decorate glitter houses
  46. Paper house by Sally Lee Books
  47. Freebie - Gingerbread house Template
  48. Fall cottage house by Maya Road and a Christmas cottage here
  49. Charming house ornament by Becca
  50. A fantastic haunted manor by Ravensblight
  51. Paper Homes for Sale by Etsy Merchant Realtors
  52. Midget & Giant by Ryuji Nakamura
  53. Christmas Brownstones by Diana Crick
  54. Little houses for you and me
  55. Paper Lantern Houses
  56. Tiny Paper Village by Karin Corbin
  57. Persian Palace accordion cut from Mini-eco
  58. All The Buildings in New York by James Gulliver Hancock 
  59. A Christmas House from Holly Hanks
  60. Winter Holiday Birch House Tutorial
  61. Haunted House Window card
  62. Glitter house gift box
  63. houses by Canon's Creative Park 
  64. Village SOS Origami village
  65. building a putz house
  66. autumn shoofly
  67. Pop-up house card by Becca 
  68. City Lights
  69. The White House Paper Model
  70. circus tent
  71. Tutorials by Mikodesign (scroll down) 
  72. Fairy houses from jugs (Not paper, but oh so cute!) 
  73. House Box Bank
  74. Building The Little Charmer
  75. Make your own skyline at home
  76. Shoe box apartment house
  77. The Little House That Stood Craft 
  78. Pop-Up paper village
  79. Tea Cottage
  80. Silhouette houses: examples
  81. Monumental Paper Architecture
  82. Make a recycled cardboard tube Christmas village
  83. Cereal Box House Tutorial 
  84. Little paper houses from "Just Something I Made"
  85. Houses by Night Tutorial
  86. Paper Village - Inn
  87. Paper Castle Project
  88. Paper Mache' Christmas Cottages
  89. Mini Kit - Christmas Houses from "bubbly scrumptious"
  90. A bird house box by Nichole Heady
  91. Mel Stampz simply charming winter village diorama
  92. Printable Putz from
  93. Created by Hand Challenge: house book
  94. Wintertime paper village
  95. Howl's Moving Castle Paper Craft
  96. crowns and castles
  97. Toy Shop
  98. Village edge punch by Martha Stewart Crafts
  99. Holiday village from Better Homes and Gardens
  100. A little house box
  101. Building a vintage-style cardboard Halloween house
  102. school house paper template

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