Saturday, March 30, 2013

Valentine Mailbox Links

      In the United States, crafting Valentine mailboxes to collect letters and candy from classmates is an old, popular tradition. Although, most classroom teachers now ask their students to craft their mailboxes at home instead of making these at school. When I was young it was one of my favorite holidays to participate in at school. 
      I have also discovered that children from many different heritages and cultures love to exchange Valentines on February 14 during a classroom party; it makes little difference to them who first thought of the idea. A clever teacher can integrate both the study of history and literacy into a lesson about Valentines Day.  It is also a perfect opportunity to teach students of all ages about the lost art of letter writing.
     I will continue to collect all of the wonderful ideas that teachers, parents and students have come up with concerning the construction of Valentine mailboxes and link to them here.
The traditional Valentine mailbox is crafted from a shoe box or any other discarded box that you may have on hand.
Cereal boxes are often recycled for this mail box craft by school children.
Collect Your Valentines in A Traditional Valentine Mailbox:
Actual Mailbox Shapes:
Collect Valentines in Decorated Paper Bags:
Big Collections:
These students have made folders and pasted hearts on top of them.
Folded Valentine mail carriers come in handy when boxes and bags are not readily available.
Teachers often help their students craft Valentine bags for collecting their mail at parties.
These are inexpensive and quick to decorate.
Collect Your Valentines in A Decorated Folder or Paper Basket:
Chair Back Mail Boxes:
Students can transform their home made Valentine mailboxes into all sorts of unique critters!
Collect Your Valentines in A Unique Valentine Critter:

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