Monday, April 29, 2013

Around The Apple Tub

      No Halloween party is complete without the large tub filled with cold water, its surface crowded with the reddest of rosy checked apples. Some one should be selected as manager of the sports, as guests, in their excitement, need to be regulated and controlled, or they may tumble headlong into the tub!
      A line should be formed, and each should kneel in turn and bob or duck their heads down into the water, trying to secure an apple with the teeth. Frequently the persisting apple has to be pursued to the very bottom of the tub, but this makes the game all the more exciting, although the clothes are apt to get utterly soaked.
      To prevent this, the wise hostess will lay in a stock of water-proof bibs for the girls, while the men should remove collars, ties and coats.

Even horses love to bob for apples!

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