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St. Patrick's Day Crafts and Craft Links

A simple pot of gold, a few shamrocks and a rainbow made from a paper plate are all you need to
craft this playful little St. Patrick's Day Mobile.
Craft and Hang a Mobile of a Rainbow, Shamrocks and a Lucky Pot of Gold!
      Students can craft this lucky pot of gold from just a few simple paper supplies: gold foil cupcake liners, scissors, white glue, magic markers and black and green construction paper.
  • Cut a simple pot from black construction paper and glue inside the gold foil cup cake liner to illustrate your pot of gold.
  • Cut out bunches of shamrocks to string along the side the pot of gold from bright green paper.
  •  Then each student will need a paper plate to cut in half so that they may color in the shape of a rainbow twice. 
  • After threading the shamrocks and pot of gold, glue these threads on the inside half of one paper plate so that the threads will hang between the rainbow shapes. 
  • Glue the decorated paper plates back to back so that the mobiles may be viewed from both sides.
Weave a Giant Shamrock to Hang From The Ceiling!
      I cut giant green shamrocks from painted green papers for the woven mobile pictured below. I then chose plain stripes of pale green construction paper for the paper streamers. Although, teachers or students may wish to weave their shamrocks alternatively with crepe paper streamers. Glue together the unpainted sides of your green shamrocks so that these mobiles may be viewed from either side if you should chose to hang them in the center of the classroom. I have linked to a video here that demonstrates this basic weaving procedure. 

Above are four photos showing a woven paper shamrock banner.

 My "Little Irish Blessings" Pinterest Board  

St. Patrick's Day crafts for school children
St. Patrick's Day party favors and party games
St. Patrick games online.
Shamrock Shatter Game, Irish lass dress up, animated jigsaw, plus some printables
PrimaryGames.com has leprechaun hunts, shamrock slide puzzels and Lucky's Tic Tac Toe too.

St. Patrick's Day crafts and Irish crafts for teens and adults
Sunday School Crafts for St. Patrick's Day
For more Irish clip art or St. Patrick's Day clip art, click on the links below. We will keep a current listing of new and old clip art collections for St. Patrick's Day here.
  • Visit the Ireland First! Irish clipart archive for over 250 free from copyright images. Ireland First's archive boasts of a gigantic collection of shamrocks, pots 'o gold, leprechauns, clover, beer mugs brimming with green bear, Irish flags, Irish dancers etc...
  • The Horse Racing Net has a general collection of St. Patrick's Day shamrocks, bullets, liners and leprechauns.
  • myFreeClipArt.com has St. Patrick's Day greetings, Irish mice, green dragons, Irish harps, kissing green frogs, leprechauns, pots of gold and Irish lassies with clover.
  • Parenting with Lee Hansen has Irish scrapbook graphics perfect for printing out gift tags, cards, crafty pictures and more.
  • Free Irish and St. Patrick's Day printable graphics. General subjects include: gold, Irish imps, greetings and salutations.
  • Karen's Whimsy has large pictures scanned from old postcards and children's book illustrations. There are many options here so keep turning pages to find what you need.
  • Kaboose.com has a sweet small collection of St. Patrick's Day clip art for children. There are cartoons of kids puttin' on the green, lovable green teddy bears, small fairies and clover selections for your craft projects located here.
  • Visit theKidzpage.com for classic fun St. Patrick's Day clip art. Most leprechauns, laughing shamrocks, pudgy teddy bears etc... are computer animated. Your kids will love these fun Irish graphics!
  • ClipsAhoy.com has 12 goofy cartoons of St. Patrick's Day Clipart for your enjoyment!
  • Anne's St. Patrick Day Graphics include animations and old illustrations. Choose from lucky horse shoes, an Irish lassie or laddy, leprechauns fiddling and playing tunes, or even cuddly pets displaying the green.
  • ChristiaNet has a free Holy Trinity Shamrock, one Irish knot cross and a teddy bear with a clover ballon.
  • Designed to a T has a popular page of simple St. Patrick's Day graphics.
  • Free Vintage St. Patrick's Day Clip Art has some sweet cards we have never seen before.
  • Universalclipart.com has child-like cartoon Irish clipart for teachers and parents.
For free photographs of Ireland and her people check out the following resources!
Looking for Celtic Irish Clip Art in specific? Check out these resources below.
  • Celtic Clip Art at Ceolas has black and white knotwork patterns, color knotwork patterns and a hand image with knotwork fingers.
  • Marc Wallace shares his examples of Celtic Knots built on small grids
  • The clipartlab vector clipart store sells a really nice Celtic Clipart collection of 299 EPS celtic art images
  • Vector-Images.com sells a Medieval Celtic Clipart package.
  • Search freeceltic.com large free Celtic art designs to learn about Celtic graphics. This collection contains Celtic alphabets, Celtic animal designs, Celtic backgrounds, buttons, shapes, and Celtic shields.
  • iStockphoto has original Celtic designs for spot illustrations on invitations and advertisements. Check 'em out!
  • AON Celtic Art & Illumination has excellent, high-quality freeware for personal or nonprofit purposes. We love it.
  • Listowel Celtic Art designs original celtic logos for dance schools and businesses.
Vintage postcards of Ireland located here.

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