Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weave Indian Corn for Autumn Fun!

An example of woven Indian corn.
      This craft project for fall is a classic. It is both simple and fitting for any classroom teacher's October theme. I suggest that it is best taught to 3rd graders. You will need to cut a large corn shaped pattern and cut across the width of the shape with narrow slashes. Do not cut through the end pieces of the cob's shape. You are going to be tucking the narrow strips of paper into the shape as you are weaving. Alternate at least three Autumn colors of paper as you go. I chose to include tan, yellow, and pale orange, but you could use many other color combinations. Teachers may wish to purchase several lovely ears of Indian corn to display in the classroom so that students can make comparisons between their own color selections and those found in nature. 
  • For the corn cob you will only be weaving strips in one direction by the same method shown in the video below. 
  • The cob shape will be slashed down the length of it's center only but not all the way to it's end. 
  • As students weave these paper strips they may also use masking tape on the backside of the cob to keep the woven strips in place. 
  • The backside of the cob will be glued to green or tan leaves and the tape will not be seen in any case. This little step helps young students to manipulate the woven craft to greater satisfaction.
  •  When your woven Indian corn is finished, simply snip off the ruff edges to create an polished looking project. 
  • Then glue on a few green leaves to frame the cob nicely.
      I've included a video below to show the simple technique of paper weaving, for those of you who may not have attempted to teach it before. In this video, the technique demonstrates weaving done with strips only. This makes the craft a bit more difficult. Perhaps students of 4th grade classrooms could complete it best.

When making a woven mat as part of a kids' art project, a large piece of cardboard is needed as the background. Make a woven mat with tips from an art teacher in this free video on art for kids.

Expert: Pauline Stannard
Bio: Pauline Stannard has over 20 years of teaching experience and runs art workshops for children.
Filmmaker: Kathy Stannard 

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