Saturday, August 31, 2013

Restored Antique Alphabet Prints

      These restored antique alphabet prints would look charming in a child's nursery/bedroom or a homeschool classroom. I've cleaned and restored them for your next alphabet craft. Enjoy and read the Terms of Use before printing them out.

The above image for pinning please.
A was and Apple, an Archer, an Arrow. B was a Bird, Bear and a Barrow.
C for Cat and D for Dish, E for an Elephant, F for a Fish.
G for Goose and Ha for Ham, I for an Inn and J for Jam.
K for Kite and L for Light. M for the Moon and N for Night. O for Owl and P for Prattle,
Q for the Queen and R for Rattle.
S for Ship and T for Tap, U for an Urn and V for Vat. W for Windmill, for Watch & Wren,
 X stands in English for no word but ten.
Y is for Yew, for Youth and for Yeast, Z is for Zebra a beautiful beast.
More Restored Alphabet Print by Kathy Grimm:

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