Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Paint, Cut and Paste Your Own Bumpy Little Pumpkins

      This little story reminds me of the trips my husband and I used to take to the pumpkin patch with our children every year when they were small. They would roam the fields for an entire afternoon looking for the perfect pumpkins to carve on Halloween. My husband would pull them in a little red wagon when their small legs became tired. It was a charming annual event and some of our best photo opportunities happened in the pumpkin patch. 
      The little girl in this story feels self-conscious about her preference for the bumpy pumpkin. Her sisters tease her but her animal friends encourage her to trust her own artistic vision for the bumpy jack-o-lantern she imagines in her head. I will be reading this sweet little story at the early learning center this Fall and will also include a bumpy little pumpkin craft along with it.
"The Bumpy Little Pumpkin" by Margery Cuyler is illustrated by Will Hillenbrand. Teaches young students the importance of perseverance and individual taste.
I used the above pictures sponge rollers for the painting of these little bumpy pumpkins. I also mixed together both red glittery paint and a bright orange acrylic to achieve the color and texture used in this Halloween craft.
These "baby faced" jack-o-lanterns wouldn't scare anybody. A simple and sweet cut and paste project for very young students.

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