Friday, September 27, 2013

"Spooky" Tree Watercolor Painting

      I first observed this simple little art project taught in an elementary school in Bellville, Illinois. The kindergarteners seemed to love it. You will need to collect the following supplies:
  • orange construction paper
  •  straws
  • watery black paint in individual paper cups
  • black permanent ink markers
  • paint shirts
  • a drying rack
  • glass eye droppers
  • tables covered with newsprint to prevent mess
Step-by-step instructions:
  1. Each student will need to suck in the watery black paint with an eye dropper and strategically pool it near the bottom of their orange construction paper. The teacher may decide to do this part of the project for each student if he or she feels they are too young to handle the eye droppers responsibly.
  2. Then students should hold a straw approximately half an inch above the puddle and blow through it while watching the watery paint streak up their paper. This exercise will produce some very spooky looking shrubs, brush, and trees!
  3. After the Halloween "foliage" has dried (day 2), students may then draw onto their pictures with black permanent markers: Jack-O-Lanterns, a fence, bats, cats, crows, owls etc...

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