Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Doodle a candy corn turkey, landscape, birds, butterflies etc . . .

A completed candy corn, Thanksgiving turkey picture.
       This sweet little Thanksgiving turkey picture is made with candy corn, felt tip markers, white glue and a bit of goofy imagination.  Assemble a similar picture and fight cavities with creative endeavor! Children won't be able to decide which activity they love more, eating or crafting, crafting or eating . . .
      In this project a variety of artistic agenda are combined:
  • developing a more complex picture type from a singular design element
  • using patterns to identify both themes and space
  • tracing and transferring shapes while also adapting individual interpretations of that same design element into more personal drawings
  • identifying hidden shapes within a picture
      Students ranging between ten and twelve years of age will complete this art project with abundant, happy elaboration if given time. Encourage them to make creative modifications. For example; suggest them to imagine the challenge within the context of an animation or a comic strip.
The fan tail feathers of the turkey are made from real candy corn. The sun, birds and butterflies are drawn from the candy corn. The trees and body of the turkey are traced from patterns. (included below)
A close up photo of the patterns used to fill larger spaces.

An addition simple set of candy corn patterns for those of you who are working with students younger than fourth grade.
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