Monday, January 27, 2014

A Conversational Heart Bulletin Board

      This bulletin board hung in the front hall corridor of the school I worked in during 2012 - 13. I love finding ways to incorporate ordinary things into life long lessons. Conversation heart shaped candies have been produced by Necco since 1866 and sold in drug stores and grocery stores all over America during the month of February for Valentine's Day. This teacher took an ordinary cultural artifact and used it in her classroom to teach character. Get it, character lessons based upon conversational hearts? Oh, well, maybe her students will remember the ideas taught with this little object lesson whenever they pick up a box of conversational hearts.

More Lessons Taught with Conversational Heart Shaped Candy:
Teaching Kids About Character:
I love this Valentine door decoration! It was hung on the door of our teacher's lounge at the school where I work.
The teachers posted their pictures inside of the cupcake liners in order to fill the giant box of chocolates.
 Many More Links to Additional Valentine Bulletin Board Ideas:
These big and beautifully painted Valentines were created by first graders in our school.
Their teacher decorated a large bulletin board hanging just outside her classroom with them.

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