Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Craft a Paper Candy Posy for Your Valentine

         Make a variety of chocolate candy posies with these pretty little paper valentine blooms. All you need is:
  • white glue
  • a variety of decorative papers
  • chocolate candy kisses and chocolate candy hearts
  • green markers and green construction paper for the leaves
  • scissors 
  • patterns for cutting and tracing
      Cut these patterns, and trace around them onto red, pink, and white papers. Then paste them together in layers to make the blooms. Glue the blossoms to wooden dowels. Use the green markers to color the dowels and then cut and paste on green paper leaves.
These little paper flowers with chocolate candy kisses were made from a variety of cut paper designs. Layer one on top
of the other and paste them together!
Posy patterns for the project; click on the image to
download the largest version.
The chocolates were pasted to the paper hearts. The stems are made separately from corrugated cardboard hearts and
wooden dowels that were glued inside of the ditches of the corrugated shapes. I can slip these Valentines on and off
of the stems if I choose, instead of giving away the entire floral stem.
Far left, chocolate hearts pasted on Valentines and mounted on 'stems.' Middle, stems for posies before these were painted
 and the leafs applied. Right, some of the chocolate hearts can be removed from their stems, some of them can be taken
 along with the stems.
Finished candy kiss flowers with decorative stems.
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  1. They look great in the bouquet. Would make a great center piece for a party, even if it wasn't for Valentines Day.