Monday, August 28, 2017

United States Presidents Index

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       The Constitution declares that the law-executing department of the government shall be in the hands of a President of the United States, who shall be chosen by electors, and not elected directly by the people; his term of office was fixed at four years; he may legally succeed himself.
       The system of electing the President and Vice-President is not clearly understood by many people. As a rule, we fail to see why it would not be right that every legal voter in the country should cast his vote directly for President and Vice-President. The plan adopted in the convention which framed the Constitution was the result of a compromise. One section demanded that the President be elected by Congress, and that in the selection the people directly should have no choice. Another faction desired to place the responsibility fully upon the people by direct vote. By the plan adopted, each state was empowered to choose by vote, a number of men/women equal to its total membership in Congress, and the men so chosen were to meet on the same day all over the United States in the various state capitals and there cast their votes directly for President and Vice-President. If a state has ten Representatives and two Senators, it is entitled to choose twelve electors of the President and Vice-President.

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