Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Lincoln's Birthday

Lincoln's Birthday
by Ida Vose Woodbury.

Again thy birthday dawns, man beloved.
Dawns on the land thy blood was shed to save,
Aud hearts of millions, by one impulse moved,
Bow and fresh laurels lay upon thy grave.

The years but add new luster to thy glory.
And watchmen on the heights of vision see
Reflected in thy life the old, old story.
The story of the Man of Galilee.

We see in thee the image of Him kneeling
Before the close-shut tomb, and at the word
"Come forth," from out the blackness long concealing
There rose a man; clearly again was heard

The Master's voice, and then, his cerements broken.
Friends of the dead a living brother see;
Thou, at the tomb where millions lay, hath spoken:
Loose him and let him go I - the slave was free.

And in the man so long in thralldom hidden
We see the likeness of the Father's face,
Clod changed to soul; by thy atonement bidden,
We hasten to the uplift of a race.

Spirit of Lincoln! summon all thy loyal;
Nerve them to follow where thy feet have trod.
To prove by voice as clear and deed as royal,
Man's brotherhood in our one Father - God.

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