Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sayings About Lincoln

Sayings About Lincoln 
(For Eight Children)

1rst child - He surpassed all orators in eloquence, all diplomatists in wisdom, all statesmen in foresight, and the most ambitious in fame. - John J. Ingalla.

2nd child - Having determined upon the profession of law, he fenced in his mind with the same energy and resolution with which he had split three thousand rails to fence In the field around his father's home.  - Joseph P. Thompson.

3rd child - A poor, plain, simple, honest, laborious American life, with learning drained chiefly from nature, made him healthy, strong, self-reliant, calm, true, honest, brave, diligent, and developed all the true manlier qualities. - Chas. M. Ellis.  

4rth child - He had the heart of a child and the intellect of a philosopher. A patriot without guile, a politician without cunning or selfishness, a statesman of practical sense rather than fine-spun theory. - Andrew Shuman.

5th child - President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address was the highwater mark of American oratory. - Thomas Wentworth Higginson.

6th child - Not a sovereign in Europe, however trained from the cradle for state pomps, and however prompted by statesmen and courtiers, could have uttered himself more regally than did Lincoln at Gettysburg. -  Goldwin Smith.

7th child - One of the noteworthy features of Lincoln's wonderful life was the manifestly deepening of his sense of God's presence and providence during those later years when he bore the imperiled nation on his heart. - John H. Barrows.

8th child - I am sure, as millions have said, that, take him for all in all, we never shall look upon his like again. - John W. Forney.

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