Thursday, January 25, 2018

Crafty Math Index

Pictures of artifacts in my Math Collection Below.
        Mathematics, a general term for a number of branches of learning that deal with magnitudes, numbers and quantities and their relations. In the primary grades small pupils learning the elementary facts of arithmetic are studying mathematics, just as truly as the college student who solves intricate problems in trigonometry and calculus. Between primary and college mathematics there are many other mathematical subjects of varying grades of difficulty.
  1. Ed Emberley's Children's Books
  2. 100 Creative Ways to Teach Numbers and Math Skills
  3. Does your young student know how to arrange objects according to size? 
  4. Counting Monsters for Fun!
Dot Painting Activities:
Cut and Paste Shape (Geometry) Designs:
Number Book Ideas and Patterns: For many years teachers have helped literally hundreds of thousands of young students craft their very own little number scrap books! I will include my templates here to add to the constant flow of imagination that accumulates in the files of educators who work in public/private preschools, kindergartens and elementary schools. Fill my little number books up with photographs, recipes, poems, and drawings to your heart's delight!
Using Basic Shapes/Blocks To Teach Math, Spacial Relationships, Problem Solving and Number Sense:
Using Basic Shapes (Geometry) to Teach Drawing:
Tangram Articles & Activities:
Lots of Play-Doh, playdough, clay play mat patterns:

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