Tuesday, September 19, 2017

May Day Index

Queen Guinevere's Maying, by John Collier
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       The first of May, or May Day, has been associated with out-of-door festivities from the days of ancient Rome. The Romans were accustomed to hold yearly processions in honor of Flora, a mythological goddess of flowers, between April 28 and May 3, and it is supposed that the beautiful village festivals of medieval England had their origin in this custom. The English maypole set up on the village green the night before May Day, was bedecked in the morning with flowers, which were brought from the woods by happy young people. Especially joyous was the beauty who was chosen queen of the May, and who honored her subjects by dancing with them around the maypole. Tennyson's May Queen gives a charming picture of this form of merry making. Dancing about the maypole is sometimes introduced very effectively into modern entertainments and school programs.
May Day Coloring Sheets:
  1. Dancing around a Maypole and The May Pole Dance
  2. Happy May Day! from printables4kids
  3. Maypole Dancing On May Day Coloring Pages from tocolor.pics
May Day Crafts from Around The Web:
 A Maypole Dance performed at 
The School in Rose Valley by students

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