Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Snow-Bird

Snowy pine or fir trees and a squirrel eating nuts.

The Snow-Bird 
by Williams Cullen Bryant

The snow-bird twittered on the beachen bough,
And 'neath the hemlock whose thick branches bent
Beneath its bright cold burden, and kept dry.
A circle, on the earth, of withered leaves,
The partridge found a shelter. Through the snow
The rabbit spring away. The lighter Track
Of fox, and the raccoon's broad paths were there,
Crossing each other. From his hollow tree
The squirrel was abroad, gathering the nuts
Just fallen, that asked the winter cold and sway 
Of winter blast, to shake them from their hold

This version was shortened and illustrated for school children. Read the original in it's entirety at the poetry foundation.

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