Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Paper Cutting & Silhouette Index

Examples of cut silhouette designs in paper from the collection below.
        Papercutting is the art of cutting paper designs. The art has evolved uniquely all over the world to adopt to different cultural styles. Read more...
More Articles About The Art of Silhouetting:
  1. The Lost Art of Silhouetting
  2. Authors and Artists Starring in Latest Silhouette Movies, from 1916 
  3. Paper Lesson Plans Links k-12
  4. Where does the word "silhouette" come from? 
  5. The Art of Paper Craft
  6. Who Was Johann Kaspar Lavater? 
  7. "The Snow Queen" in Scherenschnitt 
  8. Silhouettes by A Swedish Artist 
  9. Paper Cutting Patterns by Auguste Edouart 
  10. Paper Folding Craft Links
  11. Ways to Display Scherenschnitt and Silhouettes
Silhouette Artist Videos:
  1. Paper Cutting by Julie Marabelle 
  2. "Laundry Day" by Kathryn Carr 
  3. Schneekonigin, Scherenschnitt, Snow Queen
  4. Béatrice Coron: Her Stories Cut from Paper 
  5. How to cut paper lanterns by Koh Sim Hoo 
  6. "The Lion and the Mouse Fable" in Silhouettes 
  7. The Adventures of Prince Achmed 
  8. Charlotte "Lotte" Reiniger
Paper Cut Artifacts to Illustrate Poems:
  1. "In the Swing" Silhouette and Poem
  2. Shadows
  3. Cold Water
  4. Bessie's Knitting
  5. Lincoln 
  6. The Mist and All
  7. Josephus Hyde and His Sinful Pride
  8. "If Pets, Why Not Useful Ones?"
  9. "Old Mother Hubbard" Japanese Motifs 
  10. Mother Goose Auto Parade - mini book
Patterns of Paper Cuts: Additional Motifs:
  1. Papercutting by Walter Crane 
  2. Paper Patterns by Paul Konewka
  3. The Three Bears Silhouette
  4. Silhouettes from "The Little Minister"
  5. Paper cuts of sports and social occasions...
  6. Paper Cuts of Children from 1859
  7. The Eastford Boys Silhouettes
  8. "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary" by Goodridge
  9. Old-fashioned figures in profile...
  10. Woodbury Papercutting Designs 
  11. Old-Fashioned Halloween Silhouettes
  12. Paper cut of a very fuzzy cat
  13. Patterns by Silhouette Artist, Joseph Martin Klaus
  14. A seated soldier paper cut
  15. Arranging flowers paper cut
  16. Silhouette of Mother and Child In A Garden
  17. Silhouette by Artists Unknown
  18. A charming paper cut of deer
  19. Fairy Friends Paper Cuts 
  20. Silhouettes by Nelly Bodenheim
  21. The Civic Ball In Silhouette, 1917
  22. Paper Silhouettes by Mrs. Collins 
  23. Silhouette Profiles of Young Boys
  24. Jack and Jill Silhouette
  25. "Tom, Tom the Piper's Son" by Goodridge
  26. "Hey Diddle Diddle" by Goodridge
  27. Paper Cuts of Children With a Pony
  28. Polish Gwaizdy Paper Templates 
  29. Egg Hunt Silhouettes for Easter 

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