Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Saint Valentine's Day Index

Examples of Valentine Activities in my collection below.
        A saint of the Roman calendar, said to have been martyred in A.D. 306. The custom of choosing valentines on his day (February 14th) has been accidentally associated with his name. On the eve of Saint Valentine's day, young people of both genders used to meet, and each of the men drew from a number of names of the opposite sex. Each gentleman thus got a lady for his valentine, and he became the valentine of a lady, to whom he was bound to be faithful for a year. A similar custom prevailed in the Roman Luperealia, to which the modern custom has with probability, been traced. The day now celebrated by sending through the post, sentimental or ludicrous missives, specially prepared for the purpose.
Valentine Artifacts & Art for Enhancing Lesson Plans:
  1. Assemble Hershey Kiss Bouquets for Valentine's Day
  2. Design and Craft a Sailor's Valentine
  3. "You Take The Cake!" Valentine
  4. The Lovable Child
  5. A Conversational Heart Bulletin Board
  6. "You're Sodalicious Valentine!"
  7. Craft a Welsh Corgi Valentine Mailbox
  8. Craft a Paper Candy Posy for Your Valentine
  9. "Apple of My Eye" Valentines
  10. Craft a Pennant Styled Valentine Banner
  11. Craft a Valentine Cracker or Two
  12. Craft a Little Valentine Garden
  13. Little Stories by Little Folks
  14. A Valentine Acrostic
  15. Display Your Valentine Collections in Large Hanging Heart Pockets
  16. "Bee Mine" Valentines
  17. Grandmamma's Valentine
  18. "Love Bug" Valentines
  19. A Drawing Contest for Valentine's Day
  20. Handmade Valentines of The 1800s
  21. Over 100 Quality Valentine Links!
  22. An Elizabethan Valentine
  23. Vulgar Vinegar for Valentines Day?
  24. The Manufactured Valentine
  25. May's Valentine
  26. Craft Valentine's Day Journals
  27. To My Daughter
  28. A Mother's Valentines
  29. "The Queen of Hearts" by Randolph Caldecott
  30. Cut-Out, Paste and Paint a Jim Dine Valentine
  31. Mamma's Valentine
  32. Patterns for Home-Made Valentines
  33. Sociologists Say Kissing is an Expression of Advanced Civilization
  34. Valentines Manufactured by Esther Howland
  35. Valentine Mailbox Links
  36. A Rejected Valentine 
  37. Draw Fun Valentine Cartoons! 
  38. Our Family Memories Hang on A Valentine Tree
  39. A Funny Valentine
  40. I'll Be Your Valentine  
  41. Tear & Assemble A Valentine Rag Wreath
  42. 6 Books to celebrate Valentine's Day 

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