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Sculpture & Pottery Index

Read more about Tony Tasset 
and his "Eye" sculpture.
       Sculpture the art of imitating living forms in solid substances. The word means, strictly, a cutting, or carving, in some hard material, as stone, marble, ivory or wood; but it is also used to express the molding of soft substances, as clay or wax, and the casting of metals or plaster. Three forms of sculpture are usually recognized. When the object stands free, it is said to be in the round; when it projects slightly from a sold surface it is said to be in relief; when it is cut into or sunk down into the surface is said to be in intaglio.
       The following methods of manipulating clay are typical of art assignments given to students (k-5th grade) in the United States: roll out a slab, stamp into clay, drape over a bowl, roll out a coil, carve out a design, pinch a pot, and join surfaces together. All of my clay crafts/lesson plans use some sort of combination of these methods in order to finish the project.
Artifacts About Sculpting Figures and Basic Pottery Shapes:
Lesson Plans & Crafts from Art Education Daily Related to Sculpture: 
  1. Ceramic Pinch Pots With Animal Features (porcelain clay)
  2. Sculpt Peruvian Peasant and Llama Ornaments
  3. Ceramic Coil Pots (porcelain clay)
  4. Sculpt a few tacos with papier-mâché
  5. Ceramic Slab Masks (porcelain clay)
  6. Ceramic Animals (porcelain clay)
  7. Handcraft your own artisan pizza
  8. Ceramic ClaySlab People (porcelain clay)
  9. Ceramic Drape Bowls (porcelain clay)
  10. Bend a pipe-cleaner puppy
  11. Ceramic Cupcakes (porcelain clay)
  12. Ceramic Turtles (porcelain clay)
  13. Shape a dozen papier-mâché doughnuts
  14. Making a "Galimoto" (recycling wire, newsprint, pipe cleaners etc...)
  15. Ceramic Pies "All American Berry Pie" (porcelain clay)  Greek/Roman Pottery Design (drawing)  
  16. Effigy Pots Lesson Plan (mache sculpture)
  17. African Masks Made From Recycled Materials: Cardboard 
  18. The "Manga Creature" Art Doll Challenge
  19. Assemblage Art Made from Throwaways 
  20. Diorama of Fashion Display Window    
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