Educational Clip Art

"Students create evocative objects for the purpose of making their knowledge visible. The creation and display of these artifacts allow students opportunities for engagement, revision and feedback, all hallmarks of quality learning design."

       The following Clip Art collection may be used in the designing of lessons, games etc... for classrooms. These materials may be produced by either students or teachers in order to reflect on what they have learned or to teach them about something new. Read and agree to the Terms of Use before downloading from the following collection. If the materials are used to illustrate an article on the web, include a link back to this blog within the image's subtitle. Link to Do not include these resources in any additional clip art collections on the web or to profit from monetarily. Much of the clip art is copyrighted.
Tiny Graphics for Games and Number Books:
  1. Strawberry, Raspberries and Bread Graphics for Games and Number Books
  2. Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pie and Turkey Graphics for Games and Number Books
  3. Acorns, Apples and Corn Cob Graphics for Games and Number Books
  4. Sea shells, star fish, mollusc shells and sea horse clip art
  5. Tiny sea shells for games, craft, and counting books
  6. Goldfish for games, crafts, and counting books...
Holiday Clip Art for Teachers:
  1. Valentine Cuties Clip Art
  2. Thoroughly Irish Clip Art 
  3. Spooky Clip Art for All Hallow's Eve 
  4. Thanksgiving Clip Art for Crafts 
Clip Art for Playtime In The Classroom:
  1. Fireman's or woman's badge for playtime
  2. United States Road Sign Graphics for Road Rug Playtime