Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Easter Holiday Index

Twins hunting eggs at the White House.
       Easter, the festival commemorating the resurrection of Christ, observed in many branches of the Christian Church. By the first Christians it was regarded as continuing the feast of the Passover, at which the paschal lamb, a symbol of Christ, was sacrificed. Hence its name in Greek and in the Romance languages is taken from the Hebrew Pesach, meaning Passover.
       The English name comes from the Anglo-Saxon Eostre, a pagan goddess of light or spring, whose festival was celebrated in April. There was a long dispute in the Christian Church as to the proper time for holding Easter, the Christians of the East celebrating it on the same day as that on which the Jewish Passover fell, that is the fourteenth of Nisan, while the majority of the Church celebrated it on the Sunday next after this day. The controversy was decided by the Council of Nice in 325, which fixed Easter on the first Sunday after the full moon which happens upon or next after March 21. If the full moon happens on a Sunday, Easter is the Sunday after.
The Celebration of Easter:
  1. The First Easter from St. Luke 
  2. Easter Even by Christina G. Rossetti
  3. Easter Day in Rome by Oscar Wilde
  4. The Story of Easter Eggs by Christoph Von Schmid 
  5. Easter Lilies by Susan Coolidge
  6. Mary by Margaret E. Sangster 
  7. Easter Singers in the Vorarlburg from "Chamber's Book of Days"
  8. Mary's Easter by Marie Mason 
  9. Medieval Easter Plays by Henry Barret Hinckley 
  10. The Day of Victory by Rachel Capen Schauffler 
  11. The Stone of the Sepulcher by Susan Coolidge
  12. At Easter Time  by Laura E. Richards
  13. Easter Dawn by Frances Ridley Havergal 
  14. Easter Organ Music by Harvey B. Gaul
  15. Song of Easter by Celia Thaxter
  16. Nature's Easter Music by Lucy Larcom 
  17. How Moravians Observe Easter by Charles H, Rominger 
  18. Awakening by Rose Terry Cook
  19. On Easter Morn by Edith M. Thomas
  20. Russian Easters Abridged from The Saturday Review
  21. An Easter Carol by Christina G. Rossetti 
  22. Easter Even by Margaret French Patton 
  23. The Barren Easter by Clinton Scollard
  24. A Madrigal by Clinton Scollard 
  25. The Bells of Kremlin by Augustus J. G. C. Hare 
  26. Of The Lord's Day and Easter by William Cave 
  27. Compensation
  28. Easter Week by Charles Kingsley
  29. The Apparition of Christ to His Mother by Mrs. Jameson
  30. Easter by Genevieve M. J. Irons
  31. Easter Day by Josephine Rice Creelman 
  32. A Glimpse of Easter in the Azores by Henry Sandham 
  33. Egg Rolling at The White House
  34. Easter Morning by Edmund Spenser
  35. Easter Wings by George Herbert
  36. An Easter Greeting To Every Child Who Loves "Alice" by Lewis Carroll
  37. Easter Lilies by Mary Lowe Dickinson 
  38. After Easter by Mary Lowe Dickinson 
  39. A letter from Grandpa about Easter eggs and ducks 
Above are just a few photos of Easter crafts from my Easter Egg Craft Blog.
 Easter Silhouettes or Paper Cuts: 
A Few Craft Projects from Easter Egg Crafts:
  1. Stencil Easter Rabbits Eating Clover
  2. Craft Basket Weave Rubbings for Easter Egg Pictures 
  3. Craft a Paper Mosaic of Jesus
  4. Craft Doily Butterflies  
  5. A Tisket, A Tasket, A Green and Yellow Basket
  6. Palm Sunday Crayon Resist Craft  

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