Friday, September 22, 2017

Indigenous Peoples Index

Samples of lessons and crafts about Indigenous peoples.
       Indigenous peoples or Natives (formerly Indians) held undisputed possession of the wilds of the Americas before the European invasion of those continents. Once masters of the fairest regions on the globe, the natives represented many degrees of civilization. They ranged from nomadic tribes, wandering the grasslands freely in order to hunt the buffalo to survive to those native peoples whose architectural achievements in the tropical rain forests of South America made their conquerors marvel.
Indigenous Peoples' Artifacts & Art for Enhancing Lesson Plans:
  1. Craft a paper war bonnet
  2. Gobble Up Over 100 Turkeys!
  3. Cut and Paste Paper Pueblos
  4. Picture Puzzle: Find the hidden potter
  5. Molas Characterized by Kuna Legends, Real Animals, Politics or Geometric Shapes 
  6. Squanto, The Native American Hero of Thanksgiving 
  7. Weave Indian Corn for Autumn Fun!
  8. The Hiawatha Paper Cuts Restored 
My Indigenous People's Art Lessons & Crafts from Art Education Daily:

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