Thursday, July 27, 2017

Children's Poetry & Prose Index

Many of the poems and prose in my index come with illustrated prints.
       Poetry, one of the two greatest classes of literary production, the other being prose. According to the usual meaning of the term, poetry is rhythmical, imaginative language which appeals to the emotions and the artistic sense. As we think casually of the question, we take for granted that prose was the earlier form of literature. Moliere in one of his comedies shows the surprise of an old man who discovers that he has been, all his life, "talking prose without knowing it;" but most of us are conscious that we "talk prose," and we see nothing wonderful about it. Prose is so much simpler and more natural than poetry, we think, and surely the early nations must have had a well-developed prose literature before they ventured to attempt poetry?
       Although nearly every category included under this blog lists poetry according to theme, the illustrated children's poetry is linked altogether here.
 Hieroglyphics Artifacts:
  1. Hieroglyphics or Picture Writing" The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear
Illustrated Children's Poetry Artifacts for Enhancing Lesson Plans:
  1. His Wish by Anonymous
  2. Santa Claus's Scout by Eunice Ward
  3. The Train by C. H. Crandall
  4. The Sea Gull by Mary Howitt
  5. The Lovable Child
  6. The Plains' Call...
  7. When Winter Comes
  8. A Valentine Acrostic 
  9. Grandmamma's Valentine
  10. The Snow-Bird
  11. Don't Belittle Little Things
  12. A Wise Old Owl
  13. A Mother's Valentines
  14. Politeness
  15. "When The Frost Is On the Punkin"
  16. The Turkey's Lament by King Gobbler
  17. A Summer Snowstorm!
  18. "The Cornstalk's Lesson" Poem
  19. "Roasting Corn" Poem
  20. The Fourth of July
  21. The Happy Wind
  22. The Popular Poplar Tree
  23. Shoe Play
  24. Finish your meal...
  25. A little boy named Johnny...
  26. The Giraffe Friend
  27. Bow-wow, little dog...
  28. Bargains for Scholars
  29. An Imaginary Case
  30. A Cup of Tea
  31. Days of the week...
  32. Cock-a-doodle-doo!
  33. The pudding-bag string...  
  34. The Country Round, The Country Faith
  35. The Cow
  36. Jingle by G. G. Wiederseim
  37. Singing
  38. The Cradle That Walked On Two Feet
  39. Little Miss Crewe...
  40. Down the path...
  41. The Rain Regiment
  42. Pillow-Time!
  43. Autumn 
  44. Rigmarole
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