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Grandparent's Day Index

Grandparent's Day is frequently celebrated in early learning
centers and kindergartens across the United States. It is a day
for young students to give their grandparents a tour of their
school environment.
       Grandparents are the parents of a person's father or mother – paternal or maternal. In cases where parents are unwilling or unable to provide adequate care for their children (e.g., death of the parents), grandparents often take on the role of primary caregivers. Even when this is not the case, and particularly in traditional cultures, grandparents often have a direct and clear role in relation to the raising, care and nurture of children. Grandparents are second-degree relatives and share 25% genetic overlap.
       National Grandparents Day is a secular holiday celebrated in the United States of America and the United Kingdom since 1978 and officially recognized in a number of countries on various days of the year, either as one holiday or sometimes as a separate Grandmothers' Day and Grandfathers' Day. It is celebrated on the first Sunday following Labor Day, September 10th. in the United States.
      During the week that follows September 10th, young children often spend time with their grandparents at school. Because the holiday falls at the beginning of the school year, there is little time for their teachers to plan elaborate shows or exhibits. So it has become a customary time for sharing the daily routines of young school children with their older visitors.
       Craft or reading activities emphasizing family are often planned in advance by the school sponsor or PTO for these holiday visits.

Crafts for Grandparents Day:
Little Louise and Her Grandmother,
Frances Cordelia McDowell.
Poems About Grandmothers by Lillie Gilliland McDowell:
  1. When Grandma Sews
  2. Grandma's Aprons
  3. Cuddle Time
  4. Grandma's Errands
  5. Grandma's Little Girl
  6. Herb Tea
  7. Tea at Grandma's
  8. When Grandma Knits
  9. A "Blue" Story
  10. Christmas Secrets
  11. Dancing Dolls
  12. Heigh-ho. 'Tis Her Way!
  13. Girls Will Be Girls
  14. When Grandma Comfys Me
  15. Out At Grandma's
  16. My Grandma's Getting Old, They Say
  17. Fellow Feeling
  18. What Kind of Grandma Do You Like?
  19. Grandma's Stories
  20. A Tea Party
  21. When Grandma Loses Her Specs
  22. G-R-A-N-D-M-A
  23. Contrast
  24. I'll Be Your Valentine
  25. Two Proverbs
  26. The Old Sampler
  27. When Grandma Tucks Me In
  28. A Pertinent Question
  29. The Way Out
  30. The Old And The New
  31. When Grandma Was a Little Girl
  32. Counting The Baby's Toes
  33. Grandma's Young Days
  34. Grandma's Hygiene
  35. Grandma's Prayer
  36. Loneliness
  37. When Grandma Punished Me
  38. Grandma's Lullaby
  39. The Old Willow Basket
  40. Retrospect
A collection of letters written by a grandparents to grandchildren. I have edited some of these and updated spelling. Use them in a literacy unit or read them aloud for fun. (Letters by children telling Valentine stories here.)
  1. A letter about a new dog...
  2. "The Doll Party" letter from grandpa
  3. A letter from Grandpa about Easter eggs and ducks 
  4. The donkey and the dog pull a cart... 
  5. Disc and The Cats Now Eat Together! 
  6. A letter about Grandpa's childhood
Grandparents Online:

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