Thursday, July 27, 2017

Kindergarten & Preschool Index

Sample pictures of artifacts listed below.
       Kindergarten, a word meaning child garden, is applied to a special kind of school for small children. The first kindergarten was established by Friederich Frobel in 1840, and schools modeled on his are now common in both European countries and American States. Interest in the education of young children is not of recent origin, however, the vivid interest of child life and the responsive quality of childhood has always made their training possess much possibility among many nations of the earth. The Greeks, for example, planned for definite care of children under seven and their  Roman predecessors invented methods of instruction which should tempt any little beginners into paths of learning. After the establishment of Church schools throughout Christendom, children became proficient in even wider studies early in life.
  1. Early Childhood Education
  2. Power to Explore
  3. What Is Play?
  4. Getting Ready to Read
  5. The Means & Ways of Occupation In The Kindergarten
  6. About Bloodborne Pathogens
Teaching Aids and Centers:
  1. Play-Doh Mats for Early Learners
  2. The Building Block Center
  3. Working With Pattern Blocks
  4. Trace, Cut and Paste Developmental Leaning Activities
  5. Name Recognition Encourages Early Reading
  6. B is For Button and Also CORE
  7. Four Easy Ways to Develop Small Motor Skills in Early Learners
  8. Develop Small Motor Muscles with Clothespins and Paper Plates
  9. Use a Light Table to Teach About Colors and Shapes
  10. How to arrange objects according to size?
  11. Eating Should Be a Happy, Healthy Experience!
  12. Counting Monsters for Fun!
  13. Pinchers Not Grippers!
  14. Developing a Seating Chart for A Rug
  15. Stringing Beads at The Early Learning Center
  16. Illustrated Poetry For Young Children
  17. DIY Apple Card Games for Early Learners 
  18. Handwashing Must Be Taught in Preschool
  19. Ed Emberley's Children's Books
  20. The "Act" of Tearing Develops Small Muscles 
Kindergarten Crafts:
  1. "Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom" in My Classroom 
  2. Paint, Cut and Paste Your Own Bumpy Little Pumpkins 
  3. Craft a Half-Eaten Home! 
  4. Wad, Wrap and Tape A Fall Pumpkin Craft 
  5. Craft your very own butterfly kite! - two patterns 
  6. Craft a Little Valentine Garden 
  7. How to Make "Pumpkin Spice" or "Pumpkin Pie" Playdough  
  8. Sunflower Craft Using Beans and Hands 
  9. Craft an Apple Lacing Card from a Paper Plate  
  10. Paint Fall Foliage With Hugs and Kisses - x's and o's 
  11. "Spooky" Tree Watercolor Painting 
  12. Pumpkin and Jack-O-Lantern Number Books 
  13. Craft Three Age Appropriate Clover Mosaics for St. Patrick's Day 
  14. Craft a Fall Landscape Using Leaf Rubbings 
  15. Cut & Paste Popped Corn On the Cob 
  16. A Fall Leaf Craft for Two and Three Year Olds 
  17. Tear and Paste Falling Leaves 
  18. String a Wormy Apple Craft  
Stories For Kindergarten Lessons:
  1. Mary had a Little Lamb
  2. Coming and Going
  3. Tom the Water-Baby
  4. Story of a Mouse
More Articles About Early Learning from Art Education Daily:
  1. The "Elements Of Art" Is Kindergarten Material
  2. Introducing Preschoolers to Play Dough 

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