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Christmas Holiday Index

Christmas Clip Art 
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       Christmas, the most important festival of the Christian Church, observed annually on December 25, in memory of the birth of Christ. The time when the festival was first observed is not known with certainty; but it is spoken of in the beginning of the third century by Clement of Alexandria, and in the latter part of the fourth century Chrysostom speaks of it as of great antiquity. As to the day on which it was celebrated, there was long considerable diversity, but by the time of Chrysostom the "Western Church had fixed on December 25, though no certain knowledge of the day of Christ's birth existed; and the Eastern Church, which had favored January 6, gradually adopted the same date. The existence of heathen festivals celebrated on or about this day doubtless accounted in large measure for its selection; and Brumalia, a Roman festival held at the winter solstice, when the sun is, as it were, born anew, has often been mentioned as having a strong bearing on the question.
       In the Roman Catholic, Greek, Anglican and Lutheran churches, there has long since been a special religious service for Christmas day; and, contrary to the general rule, a Roman Catholic priest can celebrate three masses on this day. In homes in all Christian countries, Christmas is a day of household festivities, family reunions and joy for the children. The widespread practice of presenting gifts at Christmas time has probably some connection with the gifts presented to the Child Jesus by the three Wise Men. Today many towns and cities have adopted the custom of setting up community Christmas trees in centrally located places, and holding public gatherings at which carols and hymns are sung. 

Christmas School Performances/Pageants: Approximately 100 years ago, Christmas plays and performances in American schools were quite common. Today these are rare, although sometimes still practiced in community theater, private schools and early learning centers. The performances were intended to be short and easily memorized by young students and every grade level was expected to participate.(Approx. 10 to 15 minutes long for older students, 5 minutes for early grades) It was very common also for the stage settings to be elaborately decorated and for mothers and grandmothers to spend hour after hour sewing extravagant costumes for their little performers. As you can imagine, such occasions did provide perfect photo and video opportunities for parents!
       I will include some historic records of these little shows under this category. Much of the staging, I'm afraid, must be reinvented by enthusiastic drama/music teachers in order to perform them now. All of these five to fifteen minute performances are in the public domain and so they may be used freely by teachers everywhere if they should so choose. I think that dance instructors and children's community theater instructors might find them useful in designing some delightful modern interpretations.
  1. Time for Santa Claus by M. Nora Boylan
  2. Santa Claus is Coming By Maud L. Betts
  3. Old Santa Claus By M. Nora Boylan
  4. A Christmas-bell Drill by Ella M. Powers
  5. The Snow Brigade by Marian Loder
  6. Christmas Stockings by A. S. Webber
  7. Christmas Children by M. Nora Boylan
  8. Santa Claus by W. S. C.
  9. Charity by Jay Bee
  10. Merry Christmas by M. D. Sterling
  11. A Christmas Lullaby
  12. Dance of the Snowflakes by Alice E. Allen
  13. Little Snowflakes by Ella M. Powers
  14. Christmas Stories By Lettie Sterling
  15. The Brownie Men by M. Nora Boylan
  16. Winter's Children By J. D. Moore
  17. Santa Claus
  18. Mr. St. Nicholas
  19. Christmas Offerings by Children from Other Lands by Ella M. Powers
  20. A Christmas Reunion by M. D. Sterling
  21. Christmas Waits by Katherine West
  22. A Christmas Party by Lizzie M. Hadley
Christmas Recitations for The Primary/Grammar Grades: A recitation in a general sense is the act of reciting from memory, or a formal reading of verse or other writing before an audience. In academia, recitation is a presentation made by a student to demonstrate knowledge of a subject or to provide instruction to others. In earlier scholastic history, American students were often expected to participate in some form of recitation for a grade, often this took place during some holiday performance. The most common time of year for a recitation was during a patriotic holiday, like Washington's birthday. However, I will include some popular winter holiday selections for recitation below.
  1. Father Christmas's Message by J. A. Atkinson
  2. Christmas Eve by Eugene Field
  3. Santa's Helpers by M. Nora Boylan
  4. Santa Claus's Visit by Susie M. Best
  5. To Santa Claus by Jennie D. Moore 
  6. What I Should Like by Jennie D. Moore 
  7. A Gentle Reminder by Alice W. Rollins 
  8. Christmas Time by M. N. B.
  9. Christmas Wishes by C. Phillips
  10. Christmas Morn by M. N. B. 
  11. My Christmas Secrets by S. C. Peabody
  12. Kriss Kringle by Susie M. Best
  13. A Message by Ella M. Powers
  14. The Mousie by M. N. B. 
  15. A Letter from Santa Claus by William Howard
  16. The Christmas We Like by Ella M. Powers 
  17. Saint Nick by M. N. B. 
  18. Merry, Merry Christmas by Carine L. Rose
  19. Christmas Questions by Wolstan Dixey
  20. A Catastrophe by Susie M. Best
  21. A Christmas Gift by Mabel L. Pray
  22. A Christmas Thought by Lucy Larcom
  23. The Merry Christmas Eve by Charles Kingsley
  24. The Christmas Stocking by Charles H. Pearson
  25. Christmas Hymn by Eugene Field
  26. Bells Across The Snow by F. R. Havergal
  27. Christmas Eve by Frank E. Brown
  28. The Little Christmas Tree by Susan Coolidge
  29. The Russian Santa Claus Lizzie M. Hadley
  30. A Christmas Garden
  31. A Christmas Carol by J. R. Lowell
  32. The Power of Christmas
  33. Peace on Earth S. T. Coleridge
  34. The Christmas Tree
  35. Old English Christmases
  36. Holly and Ivy by Eugene Field 
  37. Santa Claus's Scout by Eunice Ward
Sample children's Christmas crafts from the Belznickle Blog are listed below.
Christmas Crafts for Children:  The following collection is from the Belznickle Blog.
  1. Craft Old St. Nick from Recycled Paper Tubes
  2. Quick and Easy Christmas Bauble Craft 
  3. Little Ones Can Print Snowmen With Their Hands 
  4. Make pine cone Christmas trees 
  5. Weaving Christmas Stars with Yarn or String
  6. Wrap a rainbow colored wreath from a wooden curtain ring
  7. Recycle used gift wraps into tags and ornaments
  8. Wrap ornaments with wire and glass beads
  9. Color a nostalgic portrait calendar of Santa Claus
  10. String festive popcorn treats
  11. Sculpt a snow scene with clay
  12. Craft a Disney Castle Jewelry Box
  13. Collage a candle to remember "The Light of The World"
  14. Make a Paper Plate Wreath with A Candle Inside
  15. 12 Six-Sided Snowflake Templates
  16. Craft a snowman ornament from a paint stirring stick 
  17. Craft An Ornament of The Baby Jesus in His Manger
  18. A stacked felt Christmas tree
  19. Sew a vintage yo yo clown to give as a gift
  20. A paper heart shaped Christmas tree
  21. Craft a Portrait of Rudolph Using Paper, Paint and Pom-Poms 
  22. Christmas Paper Plate Snow Globe
  23. Layered paper plate Christmas tree 
  24. "Time for Tea Placemat" for Christmas
  25. Make a marshmallow math placemat to count on! 
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