Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Paper Village Index

Samples of paper village buildings and dolls in this index.
       In this index, young visitors will find all sorts of paper playthings that will keep them preoccupied for hours or perhaps even days. There are paper people and animals to color, little art lessons including paper doll crafts and lots of templates for crafting paper buildings. Enjoy and don't forget to check back for new additions!
Paper Village and Paper Doll Artifacts: 
  1. The District School of Cut-Out Town
  2. Color and Cut Out These Victorian Paper Dolls
  3. Little Factory from Cut-Out Town
  4. Doll Quotes
  5. Mr. Roger's Neighborhood Resources
  6. Mermaid Paper Doll Parts 
  7. "Myrtle" paper doll
  8. Cut and Paste Paper Pueblos
  9. My paper puppets made by Sesame Street Workshop
  10. Favela Painting
  11. Illustrated Objects for Designing 1880 Something Doll Houses
  12. Draw An Animal Hospital
  13. Some nursery furniture for the paper doll house
  14. A Treehouse Collage
  15. Paper Doll Craft 
  16. "Irene" paper doll
  17. Historic Paper Buildings at Greenfield Village
  18. Miniature Paper Kitchen Furnishings for Your Paper Dolls
  19. Craft Little Houses from Milk Cartons
  20. The Strangely Changing Face
  21. 100 Little Paper Villages: Mega List
  22. Rainy Day Paper Dolls
  23. Little Church from Cut-Out Town
  24. "Thomas" paper doll
  25. Paper Circus Performers for Little Ones
  26. The Little House from Cut-Out Town
  27. Weave a Paper Dress
  28. Paper Circus Toys for Young Students to Color
  29. The Little Store of Cut-Out Town
  30. "Clare" paper doll 
  31. The Paper Town Hall from Cut-Out Town
Illustrations of a box apartment, it's windows, walls and a basic floor plan.
    How To Make A Box Apartment For Your Paper Dolls   
        Girls and boys who are fond of paper toys might enjoy making an apartment for their paper characters similar to the one pictured above. There is are also patterns for paper furnishings in the list above if they should choose to furnish their paper accommodations as well.
       To make the apartment all that is necessary is a sturdy box 24 inches deep. These dimensions are the best for the size furniture  that is published above, but if your box is an inch or two longer or shorter or wider or narrower it won't matter very much. If you can not secure a box that is at all near this size it is best to get a larger box and cut it down. A box may also be made of scrap cardboard of the proper dimensions.
       The box is divided by a straight partition which goes down the center and two crosswise partitions, which divide the box into six rooms of equal size.
       One long side of the box is taken off, as the apartment is to be entirely open across the front, and this sidepiece is used for the long partition which goes down the middle of the box. Before putting the partition in place you should make the doors which lead from one room to another and which are shown in the picture above. Also paper or color the partition with paints to suit the different rooms. In order to do this first decide what color you with for the walls in the rooms to be or if you would prefer; select a fancy scrap paper to paste on top of the walls instead. Divide the long partition into three equal parts by making slits which reach from the bottom half way up the side. Then cut the crosswise partitions long enough to span the box plus four inches deep. These may be cut from the box lid. Each of these crosswise pieces is divided in the middle by a slit which reaches from the top half way to the bottom. Fasten these cross partitions on the long partition at the places where it is cut and then place the partition unit inside the box temporarily to see where each section of wall comes. Then with a pencil mark on each side of the walls of every room which room it is, so that when you disassemble the partitions to paper or color the walls you will understand where everything should go. Paper or color the remaining wall sections inside the box to correspond appropriately. 
       Next cut the doors in the two partitions. There is a drawing of how these door frames could be finished in the illustration above. There are likewise window types drawn above that could be used as either templates for cutting or ideas for drawing directly on top of the walls of your apartment rooms.

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