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Thanksgiving Holiday Index

Sample artifacts from the Thanksgiving Index below.
       Thanksgiving Day in the United States is an annual festival of thanksgiving for the blessings of the closing year. It is fixed by proclamation of the President and the governors of states, and ranks as a legal holiday.
      The earliest harvest thanksgiving in America was kept by the Pilgrim Fathers at Plymouth in 1621, after the gathering of the first harvest, when Governor Bradley made provision for a  day of thanksgiving and prayer. This custom was repeated often during that and the ensuing century. Congress recommended days of thanksgiving annually during the Revolution, and in 1784 for the return of peace. President Madison issued a proclamation of the same import in 1815. Washington appointed a similar day in 1789, after the adoption of the Constitution, and in 1795 he appointed another day as Thanksgiving Day for the general benefits and welfare of the nation. Since 1863 every appointing the last Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day. 
Artifacts & Art for Enhancing Lesson Plans:
  1. Squanto, The Native American Hero of Thanksgiving
  2. Coloring Pages of Pilgrims
  3. Color a Chef Presenting The Thanksgiving Turkey!
  4. Doodle a candy corn turkey, landscape, birds, butterflies etc...
  5. Craft a Goldfish Turkey Collage
  6. Craft a Pretzel Turkey Collage
  7. Thanksgiving from The American Sunday School Union
  8. Craft a Funny Gobbler From Paper Plates
  9. "When The Frost is On The Punkin"
  10. The Turkey's Lament by King Gobbler
  11. Widdy-Widdy-Wurky
  12. Scrumdiddlyumptious Apple and Quince Treats and Recipes!
  13. Gobble Up Over 100 Turkeys!
  14. Thanksgiving Silhouette Puzzle
  15. Stuff The Turkey Puzzle
  16. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
  17. How To Make "Pumpkin Spice" or "Pumpkin Pie" Playdough
  18. How did the turkey reach safety?
  19. Picture Puzzle: find the pilgrim
  20. Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving: A Curious History
  21. Shape a pinch pot acorn
  22. Wad, Wrap and Tape A Fall Pumpkin Craft  
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