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Apple Index

Sample pictures from the Apple Index below.
       Apple, a fruit that many authorities consider the most valuable of any cultivated by mankind. It is by far the most generally cultivated of any grown in the temperate regions, and it is also one of the most appreciated. The person who does not enjoy eating apples is a rarity. The tree which bears this popular fruit belongs to the rose family. It can be grown in Norway and other countries as far north as 65 degrees north. The blossoms are very susceptible to injury from frost, but they appear mush later then peach or apricot blossoms and so avoid the late frost which would be fatal to fruit bearing. Apple trees reach a moderate height and have spreading branches. The leaves are nearly oval, and the pinkish-white flowers are produced from very short shoots or spurs, which are usually of two years' growth.

Apple Artifacts & Art for Enhancing Lesson Plans:
  1. DIY Apple Card Games for Early Learners
  2. A Summer Snowstorm!
  3. "Apple of My Eye" Valentines
  4. Print and Play An Apple Themed Color Sort Game
  5. Stringing Beads at The Early Leaning Center
  6. Scrumdiddlyumtious Apple Quince Treats and Recipes!
  7. "A" was once a counting apple pie too!
  8. Little Apple Rhymes and Poems
  9. Craft a Half-Eaten Home!
  10. All 'descendants' of Johnny Appleseed
  11. Links to More Than 100 Apple Crafts!
  12. Craft an Apple Lacing Card from A Paper Plate
  13. String a Wormy Apple Craft
  14. "Oats and Wild Apples," by Frank Asch
  15. "Ten Red Apples," by Pat Hutchins
  16. Johnny Appleseed Praise and Worship
  17. Who was Johnny Appleseed?
  18. The "Act" of Tearing Develops Small Muscles
  19. Around The Apple Tub 
  20. The Planting Of The Apple Tree
 More Fun Apple Crafts:
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