Friday, July 28, 2017

Halloween or All Hollows Eve Index

Pictures of artifacts in my collection below.
        Halloween is on the evening of October 31. Though the occasion is usually given over to frolics, mischief and entertainments of an hilarious nature, the name means, literally, Holy Eve. In fact, October 31rst is the eve of the Church festival of All Saints, which occurs on November 1rst. Long ago pagan people celebrated All Saint's Day in honor of the good and evil spirits which were believed to inhabit the earth, and the frolicking of today is merely a survival of these superstitious customs.
       Children of the St. Louis, Missouri area are expected to perform a joke, usually a simple Halloween-themed pun or riddle, before receiving any candy; this "trick" earns the "treat". Sometimes children also perform a magic trick, recite a short poem or perform a simple tumbling trick, like a cartwheel, in order to receive their candy. Parents also normally accompany their children and most are in costume as well. Because I live in St. Louis, I've included listings of jokes and poems below. 
Halloween Artifacts & Art for Enhancing Lesson Plans: St. Louis Style
  1. Just Admiring the Giant, Halloween, Yard Art on A Lovely Fall Day...
  2. Halloween Party Favor Ideas for The Classroom
  3. A jack-o-lantern maze
  4. A Safe Place for Trick-or-Treaters to Party
  5. A Jack-O-Lantern Dot-To-Dot
  6. The Haunted Palace
  7. How to Draw a Halloween Cat
  8. Feelings Faces Game for Halloween
  9. Pumpkin and Jack-O-Lantern Number Books
  10. 100 Spooky Crafts & Treats For Halloween
  11. "Spooky" Tree Watercolor Painting
  12. Paint, Cut and Paste Your Own Bumpy Little Pumpkins
  13. Scrumdiddlyumptious Apple and Quince Treats and Recipes!
  14. How Halloween Came to Be Celebrated in Christendom
  15. Hallowe'en in Olden Time
  16. Craft an Edible Jack-O-Lantern Bingo Game
  17. Corpse Bride
  18. The Story of "Stingy Jack"
  19. Arsenic and Old Lace
  20. Costumes Worn On Halloween
  21. Improvised Masquerade Costumes
  22. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving
  23. Craft an Animated Skeleton
  24. Old-Fashioned Halloween Silhouettes 
  25. How to Make "Pumpkin Spice" or "Pumpkin Pie" Playdough
  26. Bake a Fortune Cake
  27. "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken"
  28. Around The Apple Tub
  29. Over 100 Riddles for Trick-Or-Treaters
  30. "The Raven," by Edgar Allen Poe
  31. How to make caramel apples, yum!
  32. Knock, Knock Links
  33. Shape a Draped Ghost for All Hallows Eve! 
  34. Hallowe'en by John Kendrick Bangs

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