Paper Arts and Crafts For Kids

Sample craft projects for kids from my craft collection below.
Search my craft lessons for little ones. There are 95 craft projects here thus far; many of them either seasonal, about holidays or drawing lessons.
  1. "Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom" in My Classroom
  2. Illuminate Your Initial
  3. Alien Cursive Exercise
  4. Paint a Britto Inspired Vase of Flowers 
  5. Craft a Pretzel Turkey Collage
  6. Apple of My Eye Valentines 
  7. Draw a Scarecrow Emphasizing The Use of Pattern(s)
  8. Paint, Cut and Paste Your Own Bumpy Little Pumpkins
  9. Craft a Half-Eaten Home!
  10. A Complimentary Colored Cubism
  11. Weave a Giant Shamrock to Hang and Craft a St. Patrick's Day Mobile 
  12. What's In a Name?
  13. Arcimboldo Paper Portraits 
  14. Craft a Funny Gobbler from Paper Plates
  15. Craft an entire school of "Rainbow Fish" from paper plates!
  16. Wad, Wrap and Tape a Fall Pumpkin Craft
  17. How To Draw a Halloween Cat
  18. Craft your very own butterfly kite! - two patterns
  19. Doodle a candy corn turkey, landscape, birds, butterflies etc... 
  20. Weave Indian Corn for Autumn Fun!
  21. Craft a Valentine Cracker or Two
  22. Craft a Little Valentine Garden
  23. Display Your Valentine Collections in Large Hanging Heart Pockets
  24. A Family Tree Craft for Grandparent's Day
  25. How to Make "Pumpkin Spice" or "Pumpkin Pie" Playdough 
  26. Pleated Christmas Heart 
  27. Draw Klimt Figures 
  28. Crayon Etching a Hungry Caterpiller
  29. Craft a Paper Monoplane
  30. Sunflower Craft Using Beans and Hands
  31. Craft a Goldfish Turkey Collage
  32. "Bee Mine" Valentines
  33. "Love Bug" Valentines and a Hanging Red Doily Candy Pouch  
  34. Craft Valentine's Day Journals
  35. A Drawing Contest for Valentine's Day
  36. Patterns for Home-Made Valentines
  37. Craft a Worm from a Paper Chain 
  38. Draw a Design from A Spider's Web
  39. Craft a Ruote Pasta Web
  40. Draw a Shaded White Spider Web
  41. Draw a Landscape Using Vincent Van Gogh's Drawing Technique 
  42. How to Draw: A Pelican
  43. Craft a Paper Candy Posy for Your Valentine 
  44. Cut and paste pumpkin patch picture plus a whole lot of Halloween craft links
  45. Craft an Apple Lacing Card from a Paper Plate 
  46. Drawing Dragons
  47. Bake a Pink Elephant Circus Cake with Mom or Dad
  48. Pattern for Stamp box in Pyrography
  49. Paint Fall Foliage With Hugs and Kisses - x's and o's
  50. Color, Cut and Play with Paper Circus Performers  and a second group of toys for coloring here
  51. Craft a Paper War Bonnet 
  52. Paint the Wheels on Your Bus
  53. When History Becomes Legend: Catapults and Dragons
  54. Molas Characterized by Kuna Legends, Real Animals, Politics or Geometric Shapes
  55. How to Draw: A Cow
  56. Design and Craft a Sailor's Valentine
  57. Octopaus Clock Craft
  58. How to Draw: A Horse 
  59. A Treehouse Collage 
  60. A Fall Collage Featuring An Owl
  61. Crayon Resist Parrots
  62. "Spooky" Tree Watercolor Painting
  63. Learning to draw birds
  64. Pumpkin and Jack-O-Lantern Number Books
  65. Draw Mardi Gras Performers
  66. Favela Painting
  67. Weave a Paper Dress
  68. Play-Doh or Clay Mats for Early Learners
  69. Cut and Paste Paper Pueblos
  70. A Free Tangram Stencil
  71. Craft a Paper Scarecrow Jumping -Jack
  72. Craft Three Age Appropriate Clover Mosaics for St. Patrick's Day
  73. Paper Snake Mosaics  
  74. "You Take The Cake!" Valentine Craft
  75. "You're Sodalicious Valentine!" Valentine Craft 
  76. Draw An Animal Hospital
  77. Paint an Abstract Still Life
  78. Craft Little Houses from Milk Cartons
  79. Craft a Fall Landscape Using Leaf Rubbings
  80. Practice Shading An Owl
  81. Cut & Paste Popped Corn On the Cob
  82. A Fall Leaf Craft for Two and Three Year Olds
  83. Bake a Fortune Cake
  84. Old-Fashioned Halloween Silhouettes 
  85. A Terrible Horrible Cursive Exercise
  86. Tear and Paste Falling Leaves
  87. Create Fall Leaf Patterns - black and white design/color
  88. Craft an Animated Skeleton
  89. Cut-Out, Paste and Paint a Jim Dine Valentine 
  90. Craft a Pennant Styled Valentine Banner
  91. Assemble Hershey Kiss Bouquets for Valentine's Day
  92. String a Wormy Apple Craft 
  93. Paint, Cut and Paste a Leafy River Scene
  94. Craft a Welsh Corgi Valentine Mailbox  
  95. Craft an Edible Jack-O-Lantern Bingo Game
 All craft projects and photographs are the copyrighted property of kathy grimm 2017.

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